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Loft and Garage Conversions

Bring out your home’s true potential with a loft or garage conversion

If your loft or garage is currently being used for storage or not at all, converting it into usable living space will increase your home’s value and create a larger, more practical space.

Loft and garage conversions are a popular way to increase the usable living space within a property. These rooms are usually used as storage rooms, and live out their days as dark and dreary spaces that could instead be converted into something more usable.

If you are interested in a loft or garage conversion, we are leading specialists in such conversions and serve all areas of Lancashire and Yorkshire.

Loft and Garage Conversions with Kawa Construction

At Kawa Construction, we are specialists in loft and garage conversion with over 10 years’ experience in the trade. We can transform your dark, dreary loft or garage into a usable and beautiful living space for you and your family to enjoy.

No matter how compact or spacious your garage or loft is, we’ll be able to maximise its space so that it offers you more. Converted lofts and garages can be used as games rooms, bedrooms, chillout pads or as offices if you work from home.

We also have access to fully-qualified electricians and plumbers, so that we can also convert lofts into enormous bathrooms and garages into outdoor culinary areas. Whatever ideas you have in mind, we have the skills needed to bring all your wildest conversion ideas to life.

Why Kawa Construction?

When it comes to room conversions, there’s no team more experienced than our own. We have worked on conversions of all shapes and sizes, converting lofts and garages into simple but beautiful living spaces, or something wilder such as saunas and steam rooms.

Based in Colne, we serve all areas of Lancashire and Yorkshire and provide free quotes on all our work. We can also help with the planning and design stages of your room conversion, in addition to all the build stages, to help you better understand what your conversion options are.

Crucially, we are an honest bunch and we offer highly competitive rates on all conversion works, thus ensuring that you get both value and quality.


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So pleased with this company! We have had exterior and interior work undertaken by Kawa. The work is first rate. We have quite a few more jobs and would not dream of using any other company now we have found Kawa.

Hilary M Garrett - Burnley, Lancashire

Get in Touch

If you are considering a loft or garage conversion, contact us today using the button below or call us on 07717 284096 to discuss your needs.

Flat Firestone Rubber Roof with Pyra
Flat Firestone Rubber Roof with Pyra
Flat Firestone Rubber Roof with Pyra
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House extension roof finished
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